Locations and Places

Buhan – Egyptian fortress located a short distance north of the Second Cataract on the trade route from the Salima Oasis. The most northern of Egypt’s large garrison forts, it supplied patrols and protection to the gold caravans coming from Nubia..

Memphis – The city of white walls, it was the first capital of Egypt and current residence of Pharaoh. Its port, Perunifer, was the main port for all of Egypt and contained a thriving international market and trading center.

Noas – The inner shrine of an Egyptian temple where, for safekeeping, the god (the statue) was placed at night.

Nubia – A resource-rich, African country that was directly to the south of Egypt.

Perunifer – The port which stood between Memphis and the west bank of the Nile. It was an international trading center and was always filled with foreigners and merchants.

Sahal – An island located in the middle of the Nile, seven river units downstream from the first cataract. It was where Pramesse first met Sostris, First Priest of Satis, who became the patron of the future Pharaoh’s daughter, Asati.

Salima – An oasis along the caravan trail used to ship gold from the mines in northern Nubia to the treasury of Egypt and near where the gold caravan was attacked.

Thebes – The southern power center and sometimes capital of Egypt, it was the seat of power of the priesthood of Amun-Ra. It was often called the city of a hundred gods since each of its one hundred gates was named after a god.

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