Egyptian Gods

Apophis – Also called Apep, this snake god was considered the enemy of order and therefore the nemesis of Ra and Ma’at. He was the perfect deity for assassins, especially those who preferred using vipers.

Aten – The sun god, whom Akhenaton tried to establish as the only god over Egypt. In our story, many of the priests of Egypt believed that this new god of the Pharaoh Not Named was taken from the God of the Hebrews and therefore they blamed the foreigners for the pharaoh’s heresy.

Hapi – A god who was identified with the inundation and sacred water of the Nile itself, and in its divine characterization was represented by the hippo. He was seen as the source of all fertility, as the Nile itself provided life to Egypt and her people.

Ptah – The primordial god who called creation into being. His cultic center was in Memphis, where he was revered as the god of craftsmen and reincarnation, hence his ability to bring things back again such as Queen Tuya’s lost dreams.

Satis – Goddess of the first cataract and sender of the inundation, she was the patron of Asati. She had risen in power alongside the rising of the family of Pramesse.

Sobek – The deification of crocodiles, he represented the fertility the Nile brought to the land and had the ability to undo evil and cure ills. He was also the patron of the army and represented Egypt’s strength and power. It was to him, in an effort to undo the evil Akhenaton had done and reinvigorate Egypt’s strength and power, that the Hebrew newborn males were sacrificed.

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